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Vesda Smoke Detection Systems

VESDA is the benchmark in fire detection

Put simply, it is an early warning smoke detection device which works by continuously sampling air for even the smallest traces of smoke. Aspirating smoke detectors are highly sensitive, and can detect smoke before it is even visible to the human eye.

The air samples are captured in a sampling pipe with multiple holes, and filtered, removing any contaminants or dust to avoid false alarms and then processed by a centralized, highly sensitive laser detection unit. If smoke is detected, the systems alarm is triggered, and signals then are processed through centralized monitoring stations within a few seconds.

Unlike traditional passive smoke detection systems including spot detectors, VESDA systems actively draw smoke to the detector. Furthermore, they incorporate various levels of integrity monitoring to ensure an alert is raised at any time the detectors ability to detect smoke is compromised. This is not the case with passive devices that are generally only electrically monitored with no ability to determine if smoke can actually reach the detection element.

Very early warning of an event will prompt investigation at the earliest smouldering stage of a fire when it is easily addressed. VESDA aspirating smoke detectors are suitable for environments where a highly sensitive rapid smoke detection capability is required. This makes them suitable in clean rooms and in areas which contain goods easily damaged by fire, such as tobacco, as well as environments which contain electrical circuitry and highly flammable liquid and gases.

VESDA, can accommodate a broad range of environments and applications from both confined and open spaces to the cleanest or dirtiest environment, including telecomm, control rooms, waste treatment, mining and more.

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