Emergency Evacuation Equipment, Chairs, Signs and Kits

Emergency evacuation is the immediate and rapid movement of people away from the threat or actual occurrence of a hazard. Examples range from the small scale evacuation of a building due to a bomb threat or fire to the large scale evacuation of a district because of a flood, bombardment or approaching weather system. In situations involving hazardous materials or possible contamination, evacuees may be decontaminated prior to being transported out of the contaminated area.

The sequence of an evacuation can be divided into the following phases:

1. Detection
2. Decision
3. Alarm
4. Reaction
5. Movement to an area of refuge or an assembly station
6. Transportation

FTS are experts in providing equipment in buildings to facilitate emergency evacuation, such as fire alarms, exit signs, and emergency lights and we can advise on special emergency exit or fire escapes to ensure the availability of alternative escape paths.

At FTS we are able to recognise and highlight the safe haven, the temporary safe place for persons in an emergency evacuation situation.

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