CCTV Systems, Cameras & Installers in Barrow, Preston, Lancaster

Every property and business is different which in turn leads to varied CCTV needs. At FTS Fire and Security we understand those wide-ranging requirements by offering a comprehensive choice of CCTV systems, which includes:

Digital CCTV Systems

Developments in technology have greatly increased CCTV popularity over recent years. Digitally recorded images are now of far greater quality, specific footage can be recalled at the touch of a button and CCTV systems can be integrated with existing computer networks so PCs can be used to monitor footage. As a result of its increased popularity, prices have dropped dramatically, making it far more accessible as a security solution for homeowners and small businesses, as well as commercial and industrial customers.


This type of CCTV system utilises an existing Local Area Network (LAN) or Wide Area Network (WAN) by using the existing IT cable network and installing digital CCTV cameras with their own IP address controlled by a PC or video server. Since the CCTV cameras and the controls we install are part of the existing computer main frame, installation costs are reduced.

Wireless CCTV

Running cables and wires, trunking and containment is not always possible. In some circumstances (heritage sites and listed buildings) it is unthinkable. This is where we can solve any problem by installing CCTV systems with wireless remote communication.

Covert CCTV

This is usually used in circumstances where theft or a crime is strongly suspected and video evidence is required to support any accusation. Our solution to this requirement is usually solved by completing the installation out of hours or under the guise of other works (e.g. an electrician changing a light), so that suspicions are not aroused.

Nationwide CCTV Installers:

We are experienced in the installation of CCTV systems both nationally and throughout the North West including installing CCTV in Barrow-in-Furness, CCTV in Preston and CCTV in Lancaster.

FTS Fire and Security Ltd install CCTV cameras in an extensive range of premises from domestic and light commercial to heavy industrial with all work carried out by our expert team of CCTV engineers.

We can upgrade your existing system or install a new CCTV system with video servers or Digital Video recorders which can be connected to the internet and viewed and operated remotely from anywhere in the world.

How to Contact FTS about CCTV Systems

If you’re simply wanting to know more or would like to arrange a site visit by one of our experienced CCTV surveyors then please email us now or call 01539 726733.

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